Things to look out for when traveling to India Homeland

Things to look out for when traveling to India Homeland
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Doha: The flurry of tourists to and from their homeland India began. Qatari ID holders must bring their ID when they return home. Before you travel, it is a good idea check your passport and ID validity. Many aren’t sure if RTPCR testing is required for their trip.

India Travel

Passport, ticket, and Print of Air Registered Registry

Register for travel by air within 24 hours of departure At the time of registration, you must provide travel information. You must also upload copies of your passport, Covid vaccine (must have taken 2 doses), certificate and RTPCR positive test certificate (for any other conditions that may be applicable).

Those who have received Covid vaccination are not required to present a negative RTPCR Covid certificate to travel to India. Instead, a vaccination certificate should be presented.

Adults and children aged 5-12 years old who have not received Covid vaccination must submit to a Covid PCR positive test within 72 hours. Children under 5 years old with their parents having received the Covid Vaccine 2 dose are not required to undergo PCR testing.

Random Covid RTPCR screening will be performed at airports for expatriates who arrive at Indian airports (including Kerala).

Doha (Qatar ID holders)

India is part Qatar’s Red Health Measures. Therefore, it is important to follow quarantine and admission procedures.

You must have a valid travel ticket, passport, Covid vaccination certificate, and RTPCR negative test results (condition applicable).

You must comply with Qatar’s Immunity Rules. The second dose of any of the Covid vaccines (Pfizer Modena, AstraZeneca or Modena) lasts between 14 days and 9 months. In Qatar, the booster dose is 12 months. Johnson & Johnson booster dose is 12 months and 7 day.

The second dose of approved vaccines, such as synoform, Sputnik V, Covacin, and synovac are valid for between 14 days and 6 months.

The Covid release date is 12 months after the positive.

Quarantine is not required for those who have received both doses Covid vaccine. Rapid antigen testing must take place at an approved health centre within 24 hours after arrival in Doha.

Non-immunized and those who have not received Covid vaccinations (those who haven’t been vaccinated or Covid has not vaccinated) must produce the Covid negative RTPCR test results within 48 hours. Stay at Hotel Quarantine 5 days after arriving in Doha. Rapid antigen testing takes place on the fifth day.

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