In the UAE, the daily Covid 19 cases are over 1,500

In the UAE, the daily Covid 19 cases are over 1,500
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Abu Dhabi – The UAE has more than 1,500 Covid 19 cases each day. According to the Ministry of Health and Prevention, 1,532 people were infected within the past 24 hours and 1,591 have been fully cured. More than 1000 patients have been infected for the 11th consecutive day. Since February 14, more than 1,000 patients were being seen each day. This rate was much higher than the 100-percent average.

Total patients: 9,28,919. Total number of survivors: 9,09736 Total death toll: 2,309 Patients in treatment: 16,874. Officials stated that the patients were all from different countries and were receiving good treatment.

167.1 Million RT-PCR Tests

According to the Ministry of Health and Immunization, 2,47,059 people have undergone RT-PCR testing in the country within the past 24 hours. This brings the total number to 167.1 millions. In cases of Covid cases, it is important to wear a mask when walking in large crowds. Covid should adhere to safety guidelines set forth by health professionals. You can report violations to the authorities via the Dubai Consumer App, 60054555555, or visit the

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