Easy Immigration at Hamad Airport; Through E-Gate

Easy Immigration at Hamad Airport; Through E-Gate
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DOHA: To speed up immigration, the Ministry of Home Affairs asked citizens and non-residents of the country to use the Hamad International Airport‘s e-gates. E-Gate allows passengers to avoid the rush at immigration counters and saves time.

The e-gate process will take no more than two minutes. The passenger’s fingerprint, eye scan, and personal travel document are used to activate the e-gate. E-gates can be used for free. More than 40 e-gates are available at the airport’s departure and arrival terminals. E-gates can only be used by persons over 18 years old. To complete the procedure, families traveling with children must go to the immigration counter.

E-Gate can easily be opened For Easy Immigration

  • Expatriates, nationals and citizens of Qatar over 18 years can use the e-Gate Service using a Qatar ID or passport.
  • If you haven’t used egates yet, you can visit the passport office located near the terminals to get your ID card and enable the service to use your egate. Registration is free.
  • Expatriates who are not citizens of Qatar can use their passports or Qatar IDs at e-Gate to travel outside the country. However, expatriates are required to return to their country with their passports.
  • The green light will flash when the travel document (passport, ID) has been correctly placed on the electronic reader at the entrance to the egate.
  • Once the middle gate of the egate has been opened, you will be able to enter and request permission to leave by either placing your fingerprint (fingerprint used when registering in the system e-gate) on the reader or scanning your eyes to the camera. The green light will turn on if the information is correct and the exit gate will be opened. https://www.linkedin.com/company/newsgulf

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