Netflix Streaming: Illegal Content; UAE Warns Netflix

Netflix Streaming: Illegal Content; UAE Warns Netflix
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Dubai: Netflix has been warned by the UAE. Authorities in the UAE have declared that Netflix (netflix streaming), violates their media broadcasting laws. The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (UAE Media Regulatory Office) jointly stated this in a joint statement. According to the UAE, it noticed that Netflix had broadcast content that was not in compliance with UAE media broadcasting regulations and that is contrary to the country’s values. According to the statement, Netflix has been directed to remove the controversial content.

Also, the UAE statement was made after the joint meeting with the Gulf countries. The Gulf Cooperation Council also warned Netflix about illegal content. The committee of electronic media representatives from the GCC countries met in Riyadh under the leadership of Saudi Arabia.

They made the request. The committee stated that Netflix was requested to remove any footage not in compliance with media regulations in the Gulf countries or illegal content that is made public. Netflix broadcasts content that isn’t compatible with Islamic and social values. These illegal programs are also available on Netflix. These illegal content can also be found in programs intended for children.

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