If wages are not paid on time, severe action including fines

If wages are not paid on time, severe action including fines
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Dubai: Companies that fail to pay their employees on time have been subject to severe penalties by the authorities. Based on factors like the number of wages that were not paid on time, the size of the company, and the number of unpaid employees, the authorities will take action. The country’s Wage Protection System has been reformatted to address this issue. The Ministry of Human Resources and Indigenization clarified that employees’ wages would be guaranteed regardless of size, operations scope, or other criteria.

Transparency can be assured by checking the institution’s public information and visiting it. If wages are not paid within 4 months, no new work permit will be issued. WPS will also take action against the owner if they have other establishments. Repeated violations within six months can result in fines or downgrading of the institution.

The information will be transferred to the appropriate federal and local authorities for further action. WPS is a way for employers to pay workers. All changes in wages should be reported to Ministry and records must be updated.

A new contract should be prepared and signed by the employee and employer in the event of a wage change. You will receive details about each month’s salary disbursement via e-mail. To ensure workers in the UAE receive correct wages, the Wage Security Scheme was created in 2009 by financial institutions.

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