How do I renew my UAE visa in Abu Dhabi And the new medical screening process; everything you need to know

How do I renew my UAE visa in Abu Dhabi This is everything you need to know regarding the new medical screening process
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How to book an appointment, what documents are required, and how much it will cost.

Dubai: You must have a medical exam if you’re applying for a new or renewing an existing visa. Residents in Abu Dhabi used to have to go to a Disease Prevention and Screening Centre on a walk-in basis and then wait for their appointment.

On August 1, Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (SEHA) announced the launch of a mobile app, ‘SEHA visa screening’, for Android and Apple devices. You will need to book the appointment via the app to visit the center.

Here are the details for those who need to renew their visa in Abu Dhabi, or are considering becoming residents.

How to book an appointment in Abu Dhabi for medical screening

Step 1: Make sure you have an Al Hosn Green Pass

SEHA states that to be able to visit a DPSC to undergo medical screening, visitors must have a Green Pass from the Al Hosn App. However, if you’re not vaccinated, you will need to present a negative PCR.

Step 2: Download the app, and book an appointment

  • 1. The app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and IOS Store.
  • 2. Click on the link to request an appointment.
  • 3. The app will ask you to sign up.
  • 4. Sign in using your UAE Pass account (link) to do this.
  • 5. After you’ve signed in, return to the homepage by clicking on “Request an appointment” again.
  • 6. You can choose the location for the medical screening appointment. This is where you live: Abu Dhabi city or Al Ain.
  • 7. Next, select the DPSC center closest to you.
  • 8. Next, decide if you are screening individuals or groups.
  • 9. Enter your mobile number. This will be filled out automatically by your UAE Pass account.
  • 10. Choose your preferred SMS language – English or Arabic
  • 11. Enter your Emirates ID number and date of birth. Next, click the button that says “fetch details”.
  • 12. After you click this button, your complete name, sponsor name, and file number will be automatically filled out based on the information that you have provided.
  • 13. Then, tap ‘next’.
  • 14. You will receive a reference number via the app.
  • 15. Choose the date you want to take the medical fitness test, and then choose the most convenient time from the available timeslots.
  • 16. Read and confirm all details.
  • 17. You can pay online for your medical screening or at the center

Once you have confirmed and paid for the details, you’ll receive an SMS to your registered number with the location, date, and time of your medical screening appointment. Follow Us on Pinterest

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