Holidays are over, and air fares are soaring; Without binding

Holidays are over, and air fares are soaring; Without binding
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Abu Dhabi: As schools close in UAE this month for mid-summer holidays, ticket prices to India are soaring fast. Some airlines raised the price of their tickets to India from 299 dirhams (Rs.) in the last week. 6324) to 1,500 Dirhams (Rs. In the last week this month, 31728) The evening rates for bookings rise.

Even though there are slight fluctuations in the prices, both domestic and international airlines have been increasing their fares. Expats who have been unable to travel back home for many years because of the Kovid are now facing a major setback in their ability to purchase tickets. Many families are now unable to travel home.

Families of expatriates are concerned about their ability to remain in the UAE after they leave. The majority of expatriates are looking for affordable repatriation options. He demanded more flights as passengers increase.

The UAE’s quarterly exams are over. Those who tried to book tickets for their return journey were shocked at the prices. The airline ticket prices have nearly doubled since June’s entry. The rate difference quadruples and doubles at weekly intervals.

A family of four can pay Rs 1.5 lakh

A one-way ticket for a family of four from Dubai to Kochi on 25 June costs more than Rs 1,25,000. To return home in June, four people will need to spend at least Rs 2.5 lakh.

It is not unusual for airlines to increase ticket prices after families return from school. For a limited number of seats on direct flights, there are various fare options available from Dubai-Kochi: SpiceJet 1,25 500, Air India Express 1,26900, Air Arabia 129.500, Han Air 1,50 300, Air India 1,54,500 and Emirates 1. The rate is Rs. 79,300.

The return flight fare can sometimes be more than doubled. It is not easy to find tickets for direct flights between the end of June and the second week in July, as well as the second week in August and the first week September. Although there are limited tickets for longer than 10-hour journeys on connecting flights between different sectors, the rates don’t vary much. Air travel is not for everyone. Many people refuse to purchase a ticket, even if they’ve worked for one year and have the full amount saved.

Chartered alternative

Under the direction of a private travel agency, the flight Ras Al Khaimah-Kozhikode will be chartered in July. The cost is 1090 dirhams (Rs. 23,055). A family of four can save at most 1200 dirhams (Rs. 25382). There are buses that run free from Dubai to Ras al Khaimah. Many families take advantage of this service.

The expatriates demanded that recognized organizations step forward to solve the core travel problems of the expatriates. They hope that if they arrange the charter flight under the direction of the organizations, they can reach home at a cheaper rate.

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