UAE’s airports on holiday rush; Please follow the instructions

UAE's airports on holiday rush; Please follow the instructions
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Abu Dhabi: The arrival of the holidays has seen airports crowded with people going home to celebrate Eid al-Adha. Many could not make it in time as the long queue stretched out outside the airport. Many worried about the delay of their journey.

During the holiday season, 27 lakh people will travel through Abu Dhabi International Airport. In the Emirates, alone, 5.5 million people will travel to Abu Dhabi in the holiday season. More than 30 lakhs people will travel from Dubai, which includes passengers on other airlines. People who have not been able to travel in the past 2 years because of Covid are now able to do so. Several airlines now offer check-in up to six hours prior to departure.

To continue the journey

Abu Dhabi: Many airlines advise passengers to arrive at airport at least four hours before holiday rush. Many people are unable to check in on time.

To reduce thickness

You can reduce congestion at the airport by using any of the available services, such as city check in, online checkin, self-check-in and early check-in. You can get your boarding pass and go straight to immigration by using these services. You can also use Get Verified to Fly, a fast service.

The app contains many things

Mobile apps from various airlines provide information about flight times. You can also download your boarding pass and select your preferred seat.

Is it through Dubai?

Smart Gate is available for those over 12 years old who are travelling with their family. Be sure to bring enough luggage. To avoid traffic jams, those traveling to Dubai can take the metro service.

WhatsApp Alert

To receive the most current information on travel rules, flight times, and baggage, you can also call the WhatsApp number for some airlines including Emirates.

City Check-in

Emirates, Air Arabia Abu Dhabi, Etihad Airways and Air Arabia Abu Dhabi have city check in facilities. You can get to the airport in a matter of seconds if you check your luggage here at least four hours before you depart. You can take your baggage with you and skip the long lines at immigration.

Online check-in

You can check in online on the airline’s site or via the app up to 48 hours before your flight. You can then download your digital boarding card and proceed to your flight by dropping your luggage at the self-service counter.


Emirates and Etihad flight passengers can also hand their luggage over 24 hours prior to departure. Passengers flying to the USA or Israel can have their luggage checked 12 hours prior.

Home check-in

Some airlines also offer home baggage collection (2 nos). 170 dirhams extra per person.

Self check-in

If you don’t want to use the online or city check-in service, you can print your boarding pass at the airport self-check in kiosks.

Smart Tunnel

Dubai Airport offers a smart tunnel service. After they have registered, they can scan their faces without presenting their passport or Emirates ID.


Residents and citizens who have a visa can use e-Gate to quickly complete the process.

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