Hajj: The first group of Malayalees left for Mecca today

Hajj: The first group of Malayalees left for Mecca today
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Madinah: The first group of Malayalees to reach Madinah via the State Hajj Committee will leave for Makkah today. The 377 pilgrims, who arrived from Kochi on the 4th of this month, will return to Makkah after completing their 10 – day tour of Madinah.

The journey to Makkah is full of visits to the tomb of the Prophet Muhammad, prayers at the Masjid-un-Nabawi Mosque in Madinah, and historical sites and sites in the vicinity. Hajj Mission officials and KMCC volunteers accompany them and provide necessary assistance.

All pilgrims through the Hajj Committee will reach Madinah first. Accommodation is in hotels near the harem. After completing his visit to Madinah, he will return to Makkah to perform Hajj and return home from Jeddah. The group arriving in Makkah will be received by the Makkah KMCC Hajj Cell staff and taken to a place of residence.

Volunteers will then assist in visiting the Masjid al-Haram and other historic sites in and around Makkah. Pilgrims arriving in Makkah through a private agency will reach Madinah after the Hajj. After a gap of 2 years following Covid, 10 lakh pilgrims, including 8.5 lakh international pilgrims, will perform the Hajj this year. Of these, 79,237 are Indians, including 5758 Malayalees.

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