‘Habibee, come to UAE’…UAE welcomes the whole world

'Habibee, come to UAE'...UAE welcomes the whole world
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Dubai – UAE is welcoming the entire world. UAE will open the door to talent, entrepreneurship growth and revenue generation. You can buy your house and land in freehold. The government issues long-term visas to foreigners. The visa laws of the UAE for foreigners were drastically altered. 

The UAE is becoming more foreign-friendly with the introduction of green visas, entry permits, and the golden visa. On the other side, new tax proposals and nationalization are in progress. The tax is lower than in other countries. Preparations are being made to implement a VAT tax for corporate entities. Currently, visa procedures have been liberalized. One side is sending everything away, the other is tightening.

Tourist visa

Tourist visa holders can only enter once before they are granted a tourist visa. You must return within three months. The new visa can be renewed for five years. You can travel multiple times in this period. You can stay in the country for up to 90 days after you have entered. If necessary, you may extend your stay by an additional 90 days. Maximum stay is 180 days. To be eligible for a multiple-entry tourist visa, however, you must have a minimum of 3.20 lakh rupees in your bank account for six months. You can display bank balances in dollars, dirhams, or any other foreign currency. It is not sufficient to show the bank balance at the moment of application.

Temporary work visa

For those who are coming to the UAE for professional, temporary or project work, temporary visas may be obtained. This visa requires a letter or employment contract from the employer. Students and Trainees can apply for this visa to study, intern, or continue their studies. This visa can be sponsored by both public and private educational institutions. You must submit a letter outlining the training period.

Golden Visa

The visa is valid up to 10 years. Students, professionals and investors who are the best in their fields can stay longer. A golden visa will be granted to those who have a real estate investment of at least 20 lakh dirhams (Rs 4.32 million) in the country. For those who own land and have a mortgage on it, or are running a business that could be used for construction, this land can be used as an asset. 

A visa is available to start-up owners who register in the UAE or those who own start-ups that fall under the small enterprise category. Their annual income should not exceed 10 lakh dirhams (Rs. 2.1 million). Visas are available to scientists who have a master’s or research degree from one of the top universities in engineering, technology and biology. 

The Emirates Science Council will recommend scientists for a golden visa. Golden Visa is also available for those who are skilled in the arts, digital technology, and sports. Golden visas are also available to skilled workers. The basic qualification is a degree. A contract of employment is necessary. The minimum salary should be 30000 dirhams per month. A golden visa will be granted to all those who have scored high in secondary and university exams. A golden visa is also available for nurses.

Family Visa

Under parental sponsorship, the visa validity for children under 18 years old has been extended. Boys can remain on the visa of their parents until they turn 25. Alternately abled children can also get age relaxation. Girls who are not married can remain under the care of their parents as long as they wish.

Work visa

People who are coming to seek employment can obtain a visa on their own without the need for a sponsor. You can get a degree or an equivalent qualification directly. After graduation, top universities grant visas. Green Visa – This visa can be used for five years. A visa can be extended to their family members. There is no need for sponsorship. You can apply for skilled workers, entrepreneurs or freelancers. Education qualification: Degree or equivalent. Minimum wage should not exceed 15000 dirhams

Business Visa

Entrepreneurs and investors can apply for a visa to start a business without the need for a sponsor. All applicants must be new venture start-ups. You can also apply if you are interested in opening an office within the UAE to support the current initiative. Visa to visit relatives or friends – UAE resident visa holders’ relatives or friends can apply for this visa. There are no other sponsors.

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