Gulf cyclone threatens to increase

Gulf cyclone threatens to increase
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DUBAI: Global warming is expected to increase hurricanes in the Gulf region, according to a study by Abu Dhabi Khalifa University. Hurricanes are likely to form in the Arabian Sea due to warming. Temperatures are rising around the world. Scientists have already predicted this. According to a study by Khalifa University, hurricanes are a major cause of climate change and temperature and humidity.

He also pointed out that there are many challenges posed by global warming in the world. Two hurricanes have wreaked havoc in the region in recent years. Gonu in 2007 and Hurricane Shaheen in 2021. These have wreaked havoc in the coastal areas of Oman.

Hurricane Shaheen in Oman in October 2021 killed 14 people and caused about $ 500 million in damage. When Gonu was swept away in 2007, there were 50 deaths and a loss of four billion dollars.

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