Government support bears fruit, Saudi controls Covid: Health Minister

Government support bears fruit, Saudi controls Covid: Health Minister
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Riyadh: Fahad al-Jalajil, the Health Minister in Saudi Arabia, has stated that most of the Saudi Arabian precautionary measures have been withdrawn due to the government’s generous support of health care. This is even though the global epidemic of Covid persists. The minister was discussing the reasons for the withdrawal of the protective and defensive measures that were necessary to defend Covid. The minister also thanked King Salman bin Salman and Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman.

Al-Jalaj stated that Saudi Arabia had shown the world history lessons when the King issued a directive for free treatment to all Covids, citizens and expatriates. Many countries experienced a third round of the virus’s spread, and most of the restrictions were lifted. Schools in some countries are being forced to close down and suspend social and commercial activities.

The country also overcame the crisis without any significant economic or other repercussions. The Minister acknowledged the contribution of residents and citizens to taking preventive measures, immunizations, and overcoming the crisis. More than 95% of residents and citizens are currently vaccinated. Saudi Arabia has offered humanitarian assistance to Covid victims in many countries. He said that history has proven that Saudi Arabia has been a role model for other countries in fighting the global epidemic, and that its leadership has done everything it can to protect people’s health.

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