Government Price Controls On Pharmaceuticals: Nine Schemes Implemented To Reduce Drug Prices

Government Price Controls On Pharmaceuticals: Nine Schemes Implemented To Reduce Drug Prices
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Abu Dhabi: The UAE has implemented nine schemes to reduce the pricing of drugs by up to 78 per cent. The UAE has been in power for 11 years with the aim of controlling drug inflation. Implemented nine projects. The projects were implemented under the auspices of the Ministry of Health and Immunization. The projects were implemented with the aim of making essential medicines available to all people, raising the standard of living and ensuring better health care conditions. This has led to a 78 per cent reduction in the price of medicines for various ailments.

The UAE has so far been able to offer discounts ranging from 5% to 60% on 565 types of drugs. Minister of Health and Immunization Abdul Rahman bin Mohammed Al Owais said. In January 2012, the prices of 115 medicines were reduced from 5 per cent to 50 per cent. The minister was responding to questions from Federal National Council member Mohammed Isa al-Kashf about the availability and price of medicines for serious illnesses.

Previous Prices

In June 2013, the prices of 6791 drugs in the same range were reduced by five to 60 per cent. In 2014, 207 items were offered at 60 per cent discount. Such concessions are made available to medicines every year. One crore medical files were added to the system of the Ministry of Health during this period. The minister said the treatment could be made more efficient as patients’ lab test results would be recorded in the system.
The Centralized Medical Record System will be implemented in the UAE by the end of 2022. It connects all the hospitals in the country. This will make it easier for health professionals to understand the patient’s previous health information as they approach treatment. The Covid period underscored the importance of the electronic data system in the health sector. 

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