Fog, heat, dust, rain; Many weather conditions in the UAE

Fog, heat, dust, rain; Many weather conditions in the UAE
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DUBAI: On Wednesday morning, heavy fog swept across the UAE coast. The fog is expected to continue into the night. Fog was most severe in the area between Abu Dhabi and Al Ruwais. The temperature in Abu Dhabi and Dubai rises to 44 degrees Celsius.

The maximum temperature for the south is 42 degrees Celsius. Heavy rains are expected in the east and in some inland regions, according to the National Weather Service. At times, light or moderate winds can also be expected.

However, there are still dust storms in certain parts of the country. The Arabian Gulf and Sea of Oman will see calm conditions. Temperatures along the coast will remain between low and mid-40s on Thursdays and Fridays. On Saturday, temperatures will fall to 39 degrees Celsius at Abu Dhabi and 37 degrees Celsius at Dubai. On Sunday, it is expected that temperatures will rise to 47°C in Abu Dhabi and 44°C in Dubai. It is expected that the dust storm will continue until Sunday.

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