Fodder and manure from food waste; The project started in Abu Dhabi

Fodder and manure from food waste; The project started in Abu Dhabi
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Abu Dhabi: The Abu Dhabi Food Waste Management Project has been launched. It aims to produce fodder and organic manure, as well as oil from it. The event was inaugurated by Mariam Bint Mohammed Al Mehairi, Minister of Climate Change and Environment. Circa Biotech, Abu Dhabi Mazda City’s company behind the project, is leading it.

The Minister stated that the new plan would help strengthen the UAE’s efforts to improve food security and sustainability. It will also help to accelerate green development and combat climate change. Heitham Riyahi is the co-founder and chief executive at Circa Biotech. He said that the company has an innovative project that uses insects to convert food waste into animal feed.

It is hoped to produce 22,000 tonnes per year of fodder. This will help meet local fodder demand and reduce price rises. It also faces the problems posed by organic waste accumulation. It is also possible to reduce dependence on expensive meat and fish for fodder production by up to 80%. It can reduce pollution and make waste a source for income.

Circa Biotech can handle 200 tonnes of food waste each day and raises black bee larvae. The waste is then turned into rich fodder. Fodder production is aided by the nutrients found in organic waste. Animal feeds are rich in vitamins, protein, fat, minerals, and vitamins. The company can also produce 1.5 tonnes of organic compost per month. You can also recycle plastic bottles.

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