Fills,the excitement and decoration of football

Fills,the excitement and decoration of football
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Doha :The coming weeks will be filled with the excitement and decoration of football across the country. The ‘Zeena’ project to decorate the country for the FIFA World Cup has begun. The project is titled ‘Let’s Celebrate’. The Public Works Authority (PWA) Supervisory Committee for Landscaping Roads and Public Places has launched the Zeena project to beautify the host country of the World Cup. The aim of the Zeena project is to decorate the facades of workplaces, schools, universities, real estate, plazas, parks and public facilities. 

The project is in collaboration with the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy, local organizers of the World Cup, the Ministry of Municipalities, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Culture, the Qatar Museums and the Central Municipal Council. The aim is to motivate government, private, educational institutions, municipalities and communities to celebrate and promote the World Cup. It is part of the country’s efforts to present the best celebratory films to welcome World Cup visitors to the country. 

competitions to decorate

Doha: Decorative matches to welcome spectators and players to the FIFA World Cup. Learn about competitive and participatory events to decorate Qatar for the World Cup.

What are the plans 

How to attend?

There are 2 major programs under the China Project. 

The first is the involvement of citizens and expatriates in decorating homes and residential units. Can decorate buildings, border walls and outdoor areas. Artwork, paintings and decorative lamps can be placed subject to conditions. Decorative pictures sent to the authorities will be displayed at certain places along with electronic certificates. The second is the competition in 3 categories. It is a competition that decorates the facades of buildings to reflect a sporting event. The first category is schools, kindergartens and universities, the second category is the public-private sector and the third category is municipalities. 

You can also win prizes

The first 3 places in the school and kindergarten category will receive 40,000, 30,000 and 20,000 riyals respectively. The first three places in the universities will be awarded 60,000, 50,000 and 40,000 riyals respectively. Certificates and Memorial Shields will be awarded to the public-private sector and municipalities. 

Terms of decorative preparation 

The official logo of the World Cup, tournament designs and other intellectual property designs may not be used. No registered trademarks or trade names may be displayed or promoted. Do not display material that is contrary to Qatar’s religion, customs or culture. It should not be addressed to politics, religion or social issues. The content of the decorations should be only sports and football. Decorations may not be made on other people’s property without official permission. Prior permission must be sought in such cases. Decorations should not obscure entrances, exits and ventilation. Decorations should be done only for safety and safety without any accidents due to improper installation or materials. Decorations with lasers are not allowed.

Initial participation and ideas will be accepted from July 1 to August 31. The final picture of the decoration will be taken after the completion of the decorations etc. from September 1st to October 31st. From July 1 to November 17, citizens and expatriates will have the opportunity to participate. All World Cup-related decorations must be removed by January 31, 2023. The winners will be decided by a special jury committee. The winners will be announced at the closing ceremony in January. For more information on terms and conditions:

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