FIFA World Cup 2022: Asians lead the way to becoming Volunteers

FIFA World Cup: Asians lead the way to becoming Volunteers
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Doha: Over 500,000 people registered for FIFA’s voluntary program. In December 2020, FIFA’s Volunteer Program was redesigned. The number of registered volunteers on Fifa World Cup’s global platform for volunteering has increased significantly since October 2021.

From 1 lakh to 5 000, the number of volunteers has grown. Gianni Infantino, FIFA President, stated that the increased number of volunteers reflects the fact that FIFA’s volunteer program has become a truly global community and a huge interest in participating in the FIFA World Cup Qatar.

42% of World cup volunteers from Asia

42.2% of volunteers who registered were from Asia, and 40.21% were from Africa. 94.4 percent are English-speaking. 53.1 percent of the applicants are employed. 34.4 percent of students. 42.9% of all applicants are between 24-34 years old. 36% are between 18-24 years of age. The 15.6 percent is represented by those between 35 and 44 years old, and the 5.5 percent by those over 45.

Interviews are ongoing for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Voluntary Program. This program is the largest in Qatari history. Tomorrow is the deadline for applications. Interviews will take place by August 13. FIFA will select 20,000 volunteers to take part in the Qatar World Cup.

After passing the interview, those selected have begun receiving confirmation of selection letters and offer letters. These letters include the job description and the date of employment. Volunteers are open to anyone over 18 years old. Follow Us On Facebook

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