Traffic Facilitation: ‘Falcon’ moves forward

'Falcon' moves forward to facilitate traffic
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Dubai The Falcon Interchange Upgrade Project is 55% in the future. Traffic towards the Infinity Bridge will be made easier by the project linking Al Ghubaiba, Khaleez, and Khalid Bin Al Waleed Streets. After the projects are completed, 28800 vehicles per hour can pass through the tunnels and bridges. 3,200 vehicles per an hour will travel through Al Khaleez and Khalid bin Al Waleed roads to different parts. 

Mathar Al Tayer, Chairman of the RTA, stated that these projects are being implemented in consideration of future development plans. It is possible to connect the Shindaga region, which is extremely congested, with other areas. This will reduce travel time.

Traffic to other emirates will be made easier once the upgrade of the 13km road linking Al Mina Road, Al Khaleej Street, and Cairo Street is completed. The new bridge will allow for more parking spaces and reduce congestion.

Done, six steps

Shindaga Corridor, one of the largest projects undertaken by RTA is currently being implemented in seven phases. Phase 6 is complete. Phase 6 has been completed. Next projects include Intersection to Abu Hail Road and Sheikh Rashid Street Junction, 3.4km bridge, 2.25km tunnel, 6 junctions, and 5.1km road.

The ‘City Brain” will track traffic movements

Dubai – RTA is undertaking huge transport projects. There will be 20 levels of projects, including the complete elimination of smoke cars’. In 2030, 100% of the waste generated by RTA stations and other facilities will be recycled. All waste will be recycled or treated.

The waste water from bus depots was used to treat it and then used to irrigate. Artificial Intelligence (AI), powered ‘CityBrain, system is set up to ensure safety and efficiency of bus services. All information related to transport will be available as’smart,’ in real-time. All information related to the transport sector, including the number of passengers using each route, congestion, inadequacy and changes required, is now available.

City Brain is a system that analyzes information from bus-taxi smart systems, Noll cards and central monitoring systems. The remote monitoring center for bus performance in Al Khoos can monitor each bus. A bus fault will be detected immediately and the driver will receive an alert. It is possible to understand 47 technical details, including how much fuel per kilometer. Metro stations will use drone surveillance and robots on station roofs and tracks to make it easier for passengers.

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