Extinguished Expo Awakening; Dubai to start more ventures

Extinguished Expo Awakening; Dubai to start more ventures
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Dubai will launch Dh1,000 million worth of industrial and commercial ventures each year. The post-Expo revival will help increase productivity and create employment in the agricultural sector. The procedures will be easier and more transparent due to the expansion of the Dubai Municipality’s jurisdiction and the Land Department. It is hoped that the operating costs will be cut by 10% and that service excellence can be increased by 20%.

A high-ranking committee, chaired and headed by Sheikh Maktoum bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum (Deputy Minister of Finance, and Deputy Governor) evaluated the final draft. , Transferred more responsibilities to Land Departments.

Rapid Follow-up Steps

Sheikh Hamdan stated that this is the start of the next stage of development projects. In the areas of investment, health, and agriculture, there will be more ventures. As the country grows, serviceability will rise.

International investors will have the opportunity to invest in it. The private sector would also be involved in the completion of the projects, he stated.

Plans are being made to make rural areas like Al Faqa and Al Lusaili, Al Habab or Al Marmoom, Al Aweer, Margham, and Al Marmoom tourist destinations. The number of tourists will increase due to the announcement of new visas as well as huge discounts for existing visas. There are plans to attract tourists in the summer. There is also potential for business tourism. Visits to the UAE can help you start your own business. Entrepreneurs don’t have to live in the UAE for a long time. They can open a virtual office.

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