Explosion at Abu Dhabi restaurant; Keralites among dead, more than 100 Indians injured

Explosion at Abu Dhabi restaurant; Keralites among dead, more than 100 Indians injured
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According to the Indian Embassy in Abu Dhabi, more than 100 Indians were hurt in an explosion at the LPG storage tank of the Malayalee restaurant Food Care in Khalidiya. 56 of these were seriously injured and are currently being treated in different hospitals. Indian officials and the Abu Dhabi Health Department visited them. One of the victims was confirmed to be a Malayalee Sreekumar Ramakrishnan Nair. However, no additional details about him have been made public. He is believed to have come to the restaurant for food. The second man who died was a Pakistani.

Abu Dhabi Health Department Chairman Abdullah bin Mohammed Al Hamid, and Dr. Jamal Mohammed Kaabi, Under Secretary discussed the care of the injured with hospital staff. Basheer, a Kozhikode native, and Abdul Khader, a Kannur native, were both involved in an explosion that set off a fire at a busy food service restaurant near Khalidiya Mall. The incident occurred after Basheer leaking gas from a central LPG tank. Security forces were battling the fire when the bomber struck just after noon. Both restaurant employees and others were also injured.

The restaurant was on the ground floor in a five-story building. It happened in an area that is home to many restaurants and residential buildings. The majority of the Indians who live in this area are from India, while the rest come from the Philippines and Arab countries. Just after noon, the bomber attacked in front of Abu Dhabi police officers and civil defense personnel. Since yesterday, residents have returned to the evacuated building. They have been provided temporary accommodation by the authorities.

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