Experts say Indians will have more job opportunities in the Gulf

Experts say Indians will have more job opportunities in the Gulf
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Dubai: Experts in the region predict that there will be more job opportunities in the Gulf region for Indians, particularly Malayalees in the wake of Russia-Ukraine’s war. Ravi Pillai (Chairman, RP Group) stated:

Many European countries face severe shortages in oil and natural gas, despite the growing non-oil energy sector and the idea of green energy. This level of employment will offer many opportunities for the next ten to fifteen year. He said that the company’s construction needs between 40,000 and 500,000 workers, and that recruitment will begin soon.

After attending the Loka Kerala Sabha, he was speaking to Manorama. The construction of refineries in Abu Dhabi will be accelerated, as well as natural gas plants at Qatar. Not only are refineries in Saudi Arabia being built, but also petrochemical plants need to be constructed. There are many opportunities for engineers and welders, from fitters and fitters to welders. It takes plants five to eight years on average to build.

He stated that RP group recruitment was mainly done by states like Kerala, Bihar, and UP. The election was also free. He stated that the Loka Kerala Sabha had requested the authorities to use the opportunity to train people in different trades.

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