Children Visa: Self Sponsored Visa Dubai: How Long Can Expatriates Sponsor Their Children?

Self Sponsored Visa Dubai: How Long Can Expatriates Sponsor Their Children?
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UAE: Some of the new visa categories have been amended by the UAE. They will be in effect starting September. The country’s new visa law allows expatriates to sponsor children as young as 25 years old, in addition to their 18 year-old children.

 Parents can also sponsor their daughters who are not married for the long-term. Regardless of their age, all determined children will be issued residence permits. Officials claim that the new regulations will make UAE more family-friendly and better serve beneficiaries when it comes time to renew their visas.

How long can a visa holder sponsor their children

Golden Visa Holders: This allows the holder of a golden visa to sponsor their family, including their spouse and children, regardless of their age. They can also sponsor unlimited numbers of support staff. Green residents are allowed to sponsor their first-degree relatives. Green Visa and other categories: Sponsorship for unmarried daughters is now 18-25. No matter their age, children who are determined to be successful in their studies can receive residence permits.

Sponsorship requirements: UAE law allows expatriate residents, employees, and employers to sponsor their family members to stay in the UAE, provided they possess a visa/residence permit. All family members over 18 must pass and undergo a medical fitness exam at an approved UAE health facility. Persons without a medical qualification will not be granted a resident visa. A resident sponsor can apply for a visa for his dependents within 60 days after he has entered the UAE with an entry permit.

These conditions may change at any time. You can contact the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs -Dubai (GDRFA), or the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship to resolve any doubts.

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