Expatriates speak openly about Loka Kerala Sabha; That nothing is good

Expatriates speak openly about Loka Kerala Sabha; That nothing is good
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Abu Dhabi: The Loka Kerala Sabha is not only a place for ex-pats to discuss their concerns and ideas, but it has also been a platform for them to share their thoughts. It’s a forum for ex-Malayalees from all over the globe, as well as business leaders and the state government to exchange ideas.

Opposition groups demanded that the PM be fired. Representatives of the ruling parties claimed that there had been a series of qualitative changes. The Third Loka Kerala Sabha Conference, which will be held on 17th April at a cost Rs 3 crore is underway. Expat representatives are now open to new ideas. Abu Dhabi Malayalee Samaj General secretary MU Irshad stated that expatriates weren’t aware of any benefits from the Loka Kerala Sabha.

Face of corruption and luxury

Many of the ideas that were raised during the previous sessions are now in cold storage. It is a way for people to pay their taxes.

Some expatriate leaders or pro-government businessmen cannot do anything more than a trip home at taxpayer expense once a year. At this point, it is not clear what he will do when he leaves the position. Nibu Sam Philip, Incas Abu Dhabi Treasurer, said that he didn’t expect much from government. The government believes expatriates form the country’s backbone and is there to help when it gets in trouble.

This government was reluctant to allow the Malayalee expatriates who wanted to return home during Covid. After massive protests, the plane was allowed to land. This is just one example. Millions of rupees are being wasted on events that don’t comply with the decisions made at the Loka Kerala Sabha sessions. We cannot continue to deceive the expatriates with the same deceitful promises that we made in the past.

Don’t miss the opportunity

Discussion This forum is open to discussion regardless of which party is in power. The UAE KMCC stated that, regardless of whether the plans and proposals made in the forum are implemented, they will not miss the chance to bring the issue of expatriates to Government’s attention and thus the importance of the Loka Kerala Sabha.

President of the National Committee, Puthur Rahman, stated that the government would make health care and pensions more efficient and comprehensive. Covid stated that he would support the dreams, hopes and aspirations expatriates because the fear is not far away.

President, Kerala Social Center, VP Krishnakumar, stated that there are many things. Pravasi Investment Scheme was implemented to present the Pravasi issue before the people’s representatives in the democratic process. NORKA and Loka Kerala Sabha representatives worked together during the Covid period. KSC will seek to assist expatriates with rehabilitation, welfare, legal and financial assistance.

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