Expatriates make up 38% of Oman’s population; Two-thirds are under 29 years old

Expatriates make up 38% of Oman's population; Two-thirds are under 29 years old
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Muscat According to estimates, two-thirds (or more) of Oman’s population are children and young people younger than 29 years old. According to statistics published by the National Center for Statistics and Information, 63% of Oman’s population falls into this category. The Omani population has almost the same sex ratio. However, men make up a smaller percentage. The population is 50.4% male. The remaining 49.6 per cent are made up of women.

In the last year, the country’s indigenous population grew by 2.49 percent. There were 2,804,117 Omanis as of December 2021. The country’s indigenous population makes up 62% of its total population. The country’s expat population makes up 38% of the remaining 38%. The latest figures show that there are 1,723,329 foreigners in the country. This is 1.25 percent less than the previous year.

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