Expatriate associations in Qatar during Eid celebrations

Expatriate associations in Qatar during Eid celebrations
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Doha: Expatriate groups rush to celebrate Eid al-Fitr. This time an extensive celebration has been organized under the leadership of various expatriate associations. 

‘Eid love pack’ and ‘Eid night

The courtyard will be handing out Eid love packs for low-income expats on the eve of Qatar Eid. Nadumuttam workers distribute a portion of the food prepared for the festival at home to low-income people. 

Eid night will be organized in the courtyard on the eve of the festival. The event in Abu Hamour features henna dressing, art shows for children and adults, and a food court with a variety of dishes.

Eid-Vishu-Easter celebration

The Cultural Forum celebrates Eid-Vishu-Easter friendly gatherings and feasts with inpatients at the Rehabilitation Institute. The event will take place in various parts of Qatar from May 1 to 15.

Vishu-Easter-Eid friendly gatherings will be held at the district and constituency levels as part of the campaign to strengthen friendly exile. Leaders and activists of cultural, social and religious organizations and local communities will attend the meetings. 

Sweets and festive gifts will be handed out to inpatients in the Stroke Ward at the Qatar Rehabilitation Institution. Institution officials and case managers will join the Cultural Forum activists in the celebration. The Cultural Forum is also organizing Eid-Vishu-Easter celebrations with fishermen from different parts of Qatar.

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