Expat Visa: That Expatriates Can Learn More About Various Visas

Expat Visa: That Expatriates Can Learn More About Various Visas
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Abu Dhabi: The UAE has introduced various visas that can be used for various visits. Visas of various duration and duration will now be available for the benefit of different types of visitors. All visas have a single or multiple entry facility and can be renewed for the same period as the visa was originally allowed. Visas issued without a sponsor have also been announced.

Tourist Visa

This is a very useful visa for travelers. In addition to regular tourist visas, visas that are valid for five years and can be returned to the country several times are now available. You can stay in the country for up to 90 consecutive days but it can be extended one more time. The condition is to stay in the UAE for a maximum of 180 days a year. This visa does not require a sponsor. But you must have a foreign currency bank balance of $ 4,000 or equivalent until at least six months before applying for a visa.

Business Visa

Investors can obtain a business visa and apply for investment opportunities in the UAE. This visa is issued to attract investors and entrepreneurs to the country and does not require a special sponsor. Relatives or friends in the UAE.

Students’ Visa

Visas are available for those who come to the UAE for study, training, courses, internships or internships. The sponsors will be academic or research institutions or universities. Such visas can be sponsored by private and government agencies. Institutional letter is required to issue a visa. Such visas are available to those who come to work in the UAE on a temporary basis, such as probation.

jobs or for projects

This requires a sponsor. A temporary employment contract or letter from the employer is required. Documents proving the health of the job are also required to explain the nature of the work.

Green Visa

Work Visa A new five-year system called Green Visa has been announced to bring the best professionals to the job opportunities available in the country . The visa is open to graduates from one of the top 500 universities in the world and graduates from the first, second and third levels of employment announced by the UAE Ministry of Human Resources and Indigenization. The minimum educational qualification is a degree. There are other conditions, including salary. 

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