Expat Parents: UAE Officials Present Ramadan Gifts To Expat Parents In The UAE

Expat Parents: UAE Officials Present Ramadan Gifts To Expat Parents In The UAE
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Dubai: UAE officials present Ramadan gifts to expat parents in the UAE. Under the new visa law in the UAE, expatriate parents can sponsor their children up to the age of 25. Previously, it was not possible to sponsor their children until the age of 18, which was very difficult for parents financially and emotionally. Expatriate parents expressed their condolences, gratitude and happiness when the UAE Cabinet announced the biggest reforms in the country’s entry and residency visa scheme yesterday. The news comes as Sharjah-based Jishna Abdulsalam Ali, the mother of a 20-year-old university student, expressed her condolences.

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“My son is studying in Sharjah and we get a residency visa for him every year,” she said. We think we’re lucky, because when my brother turned 18 when we were in school in the 1990s, my parents did not have the opportunity to sponsor him. I am happy that the authorities have made this decision. It will help many families like us. ”
Another parent who is happy with the change is Serin Ummer, whose son is 18 years old. “I grew up in Dubai, but we were three girls,” she said. “So my parents never had to think about visa issues. When we went to renew our son’s visa earlier this year, it never occurred to us that something would go wrong. Immigration officials told us he was over 18 years old. Visa will be an issue. ”My son is still in school, so we submitted an application on humanitarian grounds and received his visa. My husband and I were worried about what would happen at the next update. This news is a great comfort to parents with boys. ‘

Shanavas is the father of two sons and a daughter, all studying in Europe. “My eldest son is coming to Dubai on a visit visa and I can not sponsor him,” he said. “Now, I’m glad we got him a residence visa. My youngest son’s residence needs to be renewed and I was worried whether he would get a visit visa too. I’m done. Keep my daughter under my sponsorship. “It is always easier for children to travel when they have a residence visa in Dubai. This new law is definitely a game changer for parents like us.

Sarah Fernandes, who is studying in Ireland, was worried about her teenage son. “I was very worried about my son’s visa sponsorship and how to deal with it, but this news made me very happy. This move will ease a lot of challenges for us. I am grateful that this law has changed over time. We. ” They said. 

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