European Union to involve UAE in projects in Africa

European Union to involve UAE in projects in Africa
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Dubai: The European Union (EU) has expressed interest in involving the UAE in major African-led projects. Negotiations are underway to include the Emirate in the European Union’s $ 300 billion mega project to help accelerate energy transformation and infrastructure development in Africa. The European Union announced the project as part of its global ‘Global Gateway Strategy’. The project aims to strengthen systems in Africa in the areas of digital, energy and transportation to strengthen the systems of health, education and research.

As the second largest economy in the Arab world, the UAE has great potential for cooperation with the European Union, the world’s largest trading partner, said Jutta Urpilinen, EU International Partnership Commissioner. Arriving in Abu Dhabi for a brief visit, they met with Minister of International Cooperation Reem Al Hashimi and Minister Sheikh Shaqboot bin Nahyan. The project was also discussed with the Director General of the Abu Dhabi Fund for Development, Mohammed Al Suwaidi.

Half of the money allocated to the Global Gateway Strategy will be spent in Africa. It is considered to be the most sought after country in the world and the subcontinent where one sixth of the population lives. It is estimated that more than 60 million people live in Africa without electricity. The European Union (EU) plans to reach at least 100 million people by 2030. The EU Emirati, a consortium of 27 countries, has been selected to co-sponsor the project as it is one of the few countries in Africa to implement a number of projects and make significant contributions to the energy sector.

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