Emirates Airlines is seeking to hire more pilots to meet travel surges

Emirates Airlines is seeking to hire more pilots to meet travel surges
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Dubai carrier needs pilots for its future Dreamliners, A350-900s, and A350-910s

Dubai: Emirates Airlines, the largest operator of Airbus A380s or Boeing 777s in the world, is seeking more First Officers as demand for travel increases from Dubai.

“Successful applicants can look forward to reaching new career heights with Emirates’ all-wide-body fleet and expanding global route network. They also enjoy a great lifestyle in dynamic Dubai.” The requirements for First Officer are that candidates have at least 2,000 hours of experience flying on multi-engine, multi-crew aircraft.

According to Emirates, “for pilots, a future as Emirates means flying to different destinations across the airline’s network that spans six continents and 140 locations.” Emirates has made continuous investments to renew its fleet. In the next few years, the airline’s pilots are expected to fly Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners and Boeing 777-Xs, as well as Airbus A350-900s.

Emirates pilots must undergo “robust and evidence-based training programs” in-house, with highly qualified instructors in specially-designed environments. The training facility has 10 full-flight simulators that can be used to fly Airbus 380s and Boeing 777s. There are many opportunities to grow as an airline captain, technical pilot, standard captain, examiner, or instructor.

Emirates stated that it benefits pilots and their families, including a competitive tax-free salary, generous accommodation, education allowance, and medical and dental coverage. Concessional cargo and travel benefits are available to employees and friends’ tickets across the airline’s global network. Follow Us on Facebook

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