UAE is getting ready for Eid al-Adha 2022

UAE is getting ready for Eid al-Adha
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Abu Dhabi: Abu Dhabi has begun preparing for the festival. To receive those who wish to pray Eid prayers, various emirates have set up Eid gahs and places of worship. The places of worship are busy laying new carpets and applying one-meter distancing stickers.

Eid Gah is also organized by Malayalees from Dubai, Sharjah, and Fujairah Emirates. The festival celebration is set to be expanded by expatriates after a gap of 2 years caused by Covid. Families of expatriates who cannot travel home because of the rise in airfares bring their parents to Dubai to join the celebration. It is cheaper to send parents to the UAE than to take a family of four home.

The market with ease

Supermarkets, hypermarkets and clothing markets are seeing a lot of activity. Business houses have been announcing huge profits weeks ahead. Lulu Group hypermarkets offers a buy-to-get one promotion: get 2 clothes and get 1 for free. This applies to clothes, shoes, and other items.

An announcement was made about a 50% discount on everyday necessities. Lulu Group announced that it had delivered essential items and festive attires on special flights to celebrate the festival. Biryanis from various countries, ghee, rice, mutton, and beef are all available.

Facilitated slaughterhouses

Advanced facilities were set up in slaughterhouses of the respective emirates to facilitate animal sacrifice during Sacrifice Festival. There are sheep from many countries that can be purchased on the market. The Emirates Red Crescent also offers facilities to deliver sacrificial meat directly to the poor.

Sacrifice animals must only be slaughtered in approved places. Those who violate the law by slaughtering animals at their residences or other places will face severe legal consequences.

The municipality reminded residents that the sacrificial animal should be transported in a sealed bag or container to neighbouring homes. Also, it is not a good idea to gather directly in front of the slaughterhouse.

Covid is about

According to the Disaster Management Committee, the danger of Covid remains and celebrations should be cautious. To ensure there are no diseases, it is important to take a PCR test before participating in the festivities.

Participants at gathering parties must submit a negative PCR test within 72-hours. He demanded that handshakes, hugs and Eid awards be done digitally. In observance Eid, a 4-day holiday was announced by the UAE government and private institutions. To control traffic on roads and beaches, more security personnel were also assigned.

Security: The Abu Dhabi Police have increased their patrolling

Abu Dhabi Police have increased patrolling to ensure safe Eid celebrations. In anticipation of the expected rush for the Eid holiday, security has been increased. Transport to parks, beaches, shopping centers, and other entertainment venues will be made easier.

Children should not be allowed to play on uncrowded or busy roads. Children should not be allowed to cross the road without a parent. Racing, excessive speed, careless driving and racing are all unacceptable. Avoidance should be taken. He reminded everyone that they are bound to obey the law, and that strict action will be taken against those who violate it.

Sunday Fireworks

Dubai – On Sunday, 8 pm, fireworks will be lit at Dubai Festival City Mall as part of Bakrid celebrations. From 9 to 13, there are a variety of programs. From 9 to 11, there will be a performance of Harmonica by Moses Concas, an Italian artist. On the 11th, dance from the Lebanese group starts at 5.30pm. Emirati cultural programs can also be arranged.

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