Eid al-Adha in the Gulf; Happy community of believers

Eid al-Adha in the Gulf; Happy community of believers
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DUBAI: The Festival of Sacrifice is a celebration of self sacrifice in Gulf. Once again, the community of believers celebrates the glory of suffering and sacrifice. The festival of sacrifice also serves to restore the joy that was lost by the Covid-19 over the past two years. The devotees met each other after the Eid prayer in the morning and then returned to their homes and families. After enjoying a delicious afternoon meal, many people choose to go outside and cool off in the sun.

Each sacrifice is a symbol of the Creator’s willingness to sacrifice the most precious things to him. The faith community celebrates Eid-ul-Adha to remember Prophet Ibrahim’s decision of sacrificing his son. There are three phases to the celebration. Give up what you own, give to your family and friends, and give alms for the poor. These pious actions involve the division of the sacrificed goat into three parts. One part goes to the sacrificer, while one is given to family members and one to the poor.

Busy Markets In Gulf

Yesterday was a busy day at the cattle markets in the Gulf. Indian goats are beloved all over the world. The super-hypermarkets, malls, and other shopping areas were packed with people looking for clothes, footwear, and food.

Many expatriate families, which includes the Malayalis have returned home since schools closed for summer vacation. If the heat is lower in the evening, the rest will spend their time in parks or malls. Many places, including Dubai, will host fireworks at night. In the lead roles, Pandardan, directed by Shaji Kailas and Leo Thaddeus of the Shaji Kailas-Prithviraj Team Katuva, Vinayakan–Shine Tom Chacko, Dev Menon, were shown in Gulf theaters. Tomorrow evening, Sharjah Al Hamra Theater will host a free screening of Siddique Paravoor’s Malayalam film Tahira. It has received many awards. https://t.me/newsgulf

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