E-scooters: If you go Without Rules, you will be caught and fined

E-scooters: If you go Without Rules, you will be caught and fined
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Dubai: Anyone using e-scooters in Dubai will be arrested and fined by the police if they don’t follow the riding rules. People are using e-scooters to do short runs because of the rising cost of petrol. After the rise in e-scooters using the home-office-metro station route, the police and Roads and Transport Authority decided to intensify their actions.

To ride an electric scooter through major hubs, you must have prior permission. It is also permissible to use the scooter by those with a valid driving license. The scooter is not permitted to be used by anyone under 16 years of age. You should not transport more than one person, or any other items that could cause the scooter’s balance to drop. https://www.linkedin.com/company/newsgulf

Not sure how much fine is For Violation While driving E-scooters?

  • Non-scheduled travel – 200 dirhams
  • The e-scooter can be driven on roads where other vehicles travel at more than 60 kmph. This will result in 300.
  • For dangerous driving, -300
  • Run on footpath or jogging track – 200
  • Use without permission (permit): 200
  • If safety clothing and helmet are not worn, -200.
  • For more than one person to travel, -300
  • If you are traveling without security systems, -200
  • Scooting without the proper technical systems is dangerous – 300
  • Vehicles that are blocked from access or parked in unapproved areas will be charged 200
  • Disobeying traffic signs will result in a fine of -200
  • Pedestrians are run over when crossing the road. 200
  • If the accident is not reported, -300
  • If you drive on the left side, 200
  • If vehicles are driven against the approaching -200.

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