E-scooter riders blowing the rules

E-scooter riders blowing the rules
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Dubai: E-scooters operate without bells or whistles, despite stricter rules. Ten e-scooter riders were severely injured in accidents between June and December last year, despite strict regulations. 2 people died and 8 others were severely injured last year. On busy roads and crossings, runners can’t even use a helmet. In light of the increasing accident rate, the police decided to increase awareness in the country. Col. Juma Bin Suwaidan is the deputy director of Dubai Police Traffic Department. He stated that e-scooter passengers pose a danger to large vehicles as well. Further restrictions will be imposed by the law.

Heavy load on the e-scooter

There were also violations, such as the use of escooters to transport bags and gas cylinders. It is common for two people to share a vehicle. Many people were fined and arrested, but it was not enough. Even e-scooter riders can be found on the balconies of buildings or in metro stations.

Abu Dhabi police have prohibited e-scooters carrying gas cylinders and other items. The potential danger is the reason for this control. Abu Dhabi banned seat electric scooters yesterday. This scooter could cause balance problems while being ridden. He pointed out that putting heavy objects inside them could lead to more accidents.

22,000 permits

Since May 2012, more than 22,000 permits for driving e-scooters around Dubai have been issued. A permit is not required for holders of UAE licenses, motorbike licences and international licenses. You should immediately report minor accidents to the police.

You need to be familiar with the rules

There are steps being taken to establish a legal system that is similar to the one used by e-scooters or other vehicles. If you travel faster than 20 km/h, headlights and taillights must be used. Horn must be visible. You should secure your brake system. For quality tires and other components, vehicles that meet the technical requirements of the climate should not be modified.

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