E-scooter driving permit is now available online

E-scooter driving permit is now available online
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Online application for Dubai E-scooter driver’s permit is now possible. Officials advised that you visit the RTA website to provide your details. Only those who complete the 30-minute online theory test via the website will be granted permits.

Passing the test is possible only if you score at least 75%. The license permit will be available for download to the winners. The manual for riders explains the safety rules of the e-scooter. This manual provides a detailed explanation of all safety rules to be followed in order to avoid any accidents. Website- https://www.rta.ae/wps/portal/rta/ae/home/promotion/rta-esccoter?lang=ar.

What to Watch Out For

When crossing a pedestrian bridge, the rider must get off. The rider must be at least sixteen years old. Always wear a helmet, reflective jacket, and the appropriate footwear.

While driving, do not use your mobile phone or headphones.

Follow all warning signs and road instructions. Follow traffic rules, such as not riding alone or boarding a scooter, stopping them at unsafe places, following all road markings and giving way signs, parking at marked points, and disembarking at pedestrian crossings.

The fine for violation

Driving without a permit can result in a 200 dirham fine

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