E-commerce on the rise

E-commerce on the rise
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Dubai: After Covid, the e-commerce industry is making big strides. Digital transactions have more than doubled the number of people using them to buy and pay for goods. This has seen a dramatic increase in the number of digital transactions over last year’s first three months.

The government has seen the greatest growth in online transactions via debit and credit cards. More than 45% of total transactions were made by restaurants and supermarkets. The number of online card payments has also increased. This represents a 35% increase. This shows that Covid has led to a significant increase in people ordering goods online and not going to shops. This indicates that people have changed their buying habits. Online payments can be made in small amounts or slightly larger amounts.

These sums were previously paid directly by the individuals. This is a way to distinguish between low and high income earners. These figures show that credit card transactions have increased by one-and-a half times. Credit cards are increasingly being used for transactions of small and medium values. Transactions made online with debit cards in supermarkets have increased 36%. Similarly, credit card transactions increased by 20%. Online shopping has increased in supermarkets since Covid.

Card purchases in e-commerce have seen a significant increase. However, there has not been a significant increase in people paying at the counters. However, the number of people shopping in supermarkets with debit cards has increased by 5%. Officials from Lulu Group also stated that e-commerce has made a significant leap. They showed an increase of as high as 200%.

Shopping at Home

Covid saw a significant increase in people ordering goods from home instead of buying them at the shops.

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