Dukhan in a new greenery

Dukhan in a new greenery
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Doha: The Public Works Authority (PWA) has upgraded Dukhan Road by planting shade trees and greenery. Ashgabat has announced the completion of beautification work on the roads from Al Wajba Interchange on Dukhan Road to Al Shahania Interchange.

The beautification work was completed by Ashgabat’s supervisory committee for beautification of roads and public spaces. The 6,030-meter cycle tracks and 3,400-meter footpaths have been completed, connecting the roundabout from Al Siez Area to Al Rifa Street and from Laqab to Al Shahania Interchange and from here to the Camel Racing Track Area and Al Wajba Interchange.

In addition, 5,076 trees were planted on the sides and medians of the road, 3 km from the Al Wajba area to the Al Wajba Interchange. There are also 15 benches on the sides of the road for pedestrians and cyclists to sit on. Waste disposal containers have also been installed. Parking facilities for bikes are also plentiful. Modi has added 15,800 meters of road under the Dukhan Road beautification project.

The project is aimed at beautifying roads across the country and providing areas with a healthier and more sustainable environment. It is one of the major roads in the country. This is also a quick road for those in Dukhan to reach the Ahmed Bin Ali Stadium, one of the venues for the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

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