Dubai RTA makes changes to signs at Jumeirah Beach

Dubai RTA makes changes to signs at Jumeirah Beach
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In collaboration with Dubai Municipality, the Roads and Transport Authority has modified the signs at Jumeirah Beach. This is done in order to quickly identify any new changes made on the beach or the new e-scooter and cycling tracks.

Officials stated that the signs were intended to increase the beach’s tourism identity. Modifications were made to 84 signs. New signs feature a modern design with different colors. This upgrade will allow for jogging, biking tracks, beach facilities, and 60 other signs that are associated with people who are determined. This change is part the RTA’s effort to create a sustainable, world-class road network. It also seeks to offer services that bring joy to different sectors, increase safety, and environmental sustainability.


The new guidelines for escooter use should be followed. Maximum speed is 20 km/h. For e-scooters, the minimum age is 16 and for cyclists 12 years. A helmet and the appropriate gear must be worn. Dual headsets are not recommended. The signs also warn against reckless driving and getting off. He said that e-scooters as well as motorcycles with seats are not permitted on the designated track.

Children and beginners should not swim. Only swim in marked areas. Swimmers must follow the instructions of lifeguards and be cautious when swimming during daylight hours.

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