Dubai Rains: 4 car problems to watch out for after driving through water pools

For the past few days, showers have been pouring down on Dubai. Authorities in the UAE have warned motorists about waterlogging and other adverse weather conditions.

These warnings were issued to warn riders and drivers about the dangers of driving in the rain and the potential damage to their vehicles.

Many garage owners and mechanics have noticed an increase in repairs due to the rains.

These are the four areas of your car that could be damaged:

Circuit for electrical power

Mohammed Haseeb, owner of Al Qalib Garage, Sharjah Industrial Area 17, stated that many cars repaired by him in the past two days after they suffered damage from the rain.

Many people came to us with electrical problems. Haseeb said that a car running through a puddle can cause a short circuit if the wires have been cut or not joined.


First Garage in Al Quoz Akram Khan said that many cars were brought to his garage complaining about headlight problems. “A headlight should be sealed so that no water can enter it. Khan said that as vehicles age, natural wear and tear may weaken or even damage the seal.

A damaged seal can lead to condensation building up inside your headlights. This can cause the bulb or LED lamps to become brittle during rainstorms. Water droplets forming inside of headlights should be dealt with immediately.


Large puddles can cause engine damage, but Haseeb says it’s rare.

“When it rains, water gets into the engine and can get in the inlet air tubing. This is the beginning of an engine problem. One may notice that the engine is having trouble. It is slow, however. Haseeb said that the engine could be permanently damaged in extreme cases.”

Residents were urged by mechanics to stay out of the puddle, as it could cause engine firepots.


Remember that it is not free to wash your car when it rains. Khan said, “Even the car needs to be washed after being soaked in the rain,”

Khan said that rainwater can make your car dirtier and more dirt will accumulate on it. He also mentioned that if the dirt isn’t removed or cleared away, it can cause paint damage.

“Many cars get repainted. If the paint quality isn’t considered, the paint might wash away with rainwater. Khan said that exteriors will last a long time if they are properly washed with paint protection products.

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