Dubai in World Cup spirit; Biryani as a gift and big screen prepared by companies

Dubai in World Cup spirit; Biryani as a gift and big screen prepared by companies
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Dubai: Despite the tightening of the international football scene in Qatar, Dubai remains the center of the action. Football fever can be found everywhere. Malls, restaurants, etc. There are many posters and cutouts from different teams all over the place. The majority of the posters are of Brazil, Argentina, and Portugal. However, there are also posters that show equal treatment for all teams. You can also watch matches on big screens at various locations in Dubai.

Dubai in World Cup spirit

Dubai restaurants have started giving biryani to winners of the competition. Khizais Kozhikode offers over 100 biryanis after the winners have been announced. An office owned by Malayali in Dubai will have its employees wear the jerseys of their favorite team and work in the office for the month and a quarter. ECH Digital, a government services provider, made it possible for employees and users to view the matches. They decorated the flagpoles with team flags and flagpoles, and set up a large screen TV in the office to live-stream the matches.

Customers who visit the office can get their favorite team jerseys or footballs free of charge. ECH Digital CEO Iqbal Marconi stated that employees are also entitled to paid leave to fly to Qatar in order to see their favorite team’s matches over the next few days. People come to the office every day to take photos and to view the large cutouts of Cristiano, Messi, and Neymar outside.

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