Dubai Global Village to open window of wonder; The 27th season starts today

Dubai: The Global Village’s 27th Season will be open to the public today. This amazing portal opens up a world of cultures and offers a window into them. The Global Village will be open to visitors from all over the globe, with many new attractions and a variety of experiences that will make it a memorable experience. Many tourists from India, including Kerala, visit the Global Village to experience it for themselves.

Many people, including Malayalees, have helped to prepare food centers that offer world cuisines, entertainment centers, and shops for handicrafts. A total of 10 artists will be painting live. The sale of dolls and balloons, which are popular with children, is the brainchild of Malayalis. The first Middle East-North Africa event features over 200 amazing displays from all over the globe.

The sights include a revamped lobby, new retail offerings and a revamped lobby. Exhibits include a 14-foot-long killer Crocodile, a matchbox model with over a million matches and Cristiano Ronaldo’s’money legs. Amazing displays of old prison punishment can be found in the ‘Torture Chamber Gallery’. The ‘Heroes Gallery,’ inspired by famous superheroes, will be featured this year. A rotating exhibition featuring some of the most unique movie memorabilia will also be featured.

Haunted Cemetery, Halloween…

The most popular of these is haunted house Halloween. There will be nine experiences, including a haunted cemetery and a hospital mental ward. The House of Fear concept covers 660 square metres and features animatronic technology imported from the USA. Cave Entertainment is bringing a haunted house experience to Global Village.

Diggers Lab

The Diggers Lab is another attraction. This educational program is suitable for all ages, including children and youth. At the carnival’s entrance, you can find a hydraulic digger experience that allows small builders to control diggers, dumpers, and other construction machinery. It is a great family activity. The fourth annual global village celebration of the highly-popular replacement Believe It Or Not is a triumph in a world that has many strange rules.

Carnival with more that 170 rides

Carnival is a carnival that offers rides, games, and attractions for the whole family. Seven of Carnival’s most loved rides have Fast Track queue lines. Fast Track queue lines allow guests to feel like VIPs and can get to the front of line. 

New video recording technology will allow thrill seekers to enjoy three white-knuckle rides. You may also wear wrist-cameras. All existing attractions have been completely serviced and rebuilt, in addition to the new and improved attractions.

Very safe; many awards

Global Village continues receiving awards for its strict safety standards. Mark Tucker, Orb Entertainment director, said that the company was awarded a five star rating and the Sword of Honor by British Safety Council. Every summer, our team works hard to make new experiences and improve existing rides. It takes a lot to ensure that all attractions and rides are up to the standard millions of visitors have come to expect.

Large balloon for aerial views

We can’t wait for season 27 to open. Global Village revealed details about the Big Balloon, an exclusive helium balloon ride that rises over 200 feet above ground. This 360-degree view offers 360-degree views of Global Village and Dubai’s skyline.

Electric Abra Services will be launched

Dubai Roads and Transport Authority will offer electric Abra services to Global Village visitors on the 25th of March to coincide with Global Village’s new season (2022-22-23). It can help significantly increase the number of tourists visiting the Global Village by offering passengers the chance to board Abra powered with renewable energy. Mohammad Abubakar Al Hashimi (Director of Marine Transport) stated that two electric Abras will be operated to serve guests at the Global Village during this season. 

This is evident from the large number of visitors and residents who have shown interest in electric Abras. RTA has been eager to offer Electric Abra service every year since the Global Village season began. This is especially important because this water transport system is very popular among visitors. In the past seasons, this service has been very popular with visitors. Every winter, the Global Village plays a significant role in Dubai’s tourism. 

Abras, Dubai Ferry and Water Bus will offer a variety of public transport services, including sea transport, to increase the number tourists. Dubai tourists are attracted to marine itineraries because they offer scenic views and landmarks that make the city stand out. This is part of RTA’s core services. RTA’s waterways were designed by world-class boat builders. They are equipped with the best security and facilities.

From today There are four bus routes to Global Village

Dubai Roads and Transport Authority has announced that four bus routes will be resumed today (Tuesday 25,) in order to serve tourists and visitors for the 27th Season of the Global Village.

Four routes:

60 minutes from Al Rashdia Bus Station – Route 102

40 minutes from Union Bus Station, Route 103

60 minutes from Al Ghubaiba Bus Station, Route 104

Every 60 minutes, Mall of the Emirates Bus Station- Route 106

Regular and deluxe buses (coaches) will be available at a cost of Dh10. These buses offer luxury and high levels of safety. Officials stated that this will make the journey to the Global Village a memorable experience for families and individuals.

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