Dubai Freezone License: Dubai Freezones Open Up Opportunities For Investors

Dubai Freezone License: Dubai Freezones Open Up Opportunities For Investors
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Dubai: Dubai Freezone opens up opportunities for investors. The Dubai Freezone DFZ Council has come up with a massive plan to grow AED 25,000 crore in eight years. Therefore, Dubai is opening up opportunities for more investors by taking advantage of visa waivers. Concessions will be provided for start-ups including ‘smart entrepreneurship’ and employment for those with expertise in various fields. With the announcement of new visas and huge discounts on existing visas, it is hoped that more entrepreneurs and technologists will come forward. Another major benefit of starting ventures in the UAE is that opportunities are available without having to set up specialized centers, including in African countries. At the expo 2020 Dubai, the world became aware of the great potential of the African region. Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, the council’s chairman, said the plan was to make a big leap forward in Dubai’s GDP by 2030.

The ‘invest in Dubai’ portal has added 80 more services for the convenience of startups, small and medium enterprises and large companies. Through the one-stop shop, large companies can set up regional headquarters or branches in Dubai. Virtual smart service centers, cloud computing, and AI-based service networks simplify all transactions.

Simple steps

Commercial licenses and other licenses can be obtained through a unified system. Applicants do not have to go to the offices. Attractive packages with each license. Guidelines for banking and visa services. Learn about investment opportunities in each region through the Dubai Business Map. Comprehensive information about new opportunities and possibilities in Freezone.

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