‘Dubai Can’ project to more areas; Plastic bottles will also be exported

'Dubai Can' project to more areas; Plastic bottles will also be exported
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Dubai: The “Dubai Can” project aims to increase the use of eco-friendly plastic bottles and offer free refills of water at public stations throughout the city. By the end of this year, 50 new stations will be established. This will bring the total number to 90 stations. Dubai Crown Prince Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum launched “Dubai Cannes” in February to reduce single-use plastic bottles. This has helped to reduce the use of more than 10 million 500ml plastic bottles. Hotels, malls, entertainment centers, etc. It is possible to cooperate.

It also promotes sustainability by reducing plastic waste, installing water filters, and providing water bottles to employees. UAE has placed strict restrictions on single-use plastic products. To get a plastic cover in Dubai shops, you must pay 25 fils starting the first month.

E-commerce deliveries are also subject to regulation, apart from retail, electronic, and textile establishments, restaurants, pharmacies, and pharmacies. Within two years, single-use plastic bags are to be banned completely. Abu Dhabi bans single-use plastic bags

Afflicting plastic

The accumulation of plastic waste in public places and masks made with plastic components is a grave threat to the environment. These are a serious threat to human health and the survival of other species, according to environmental organizations. Garbage in the ocean can cause damage to fish and other organisms. The deserts and other recreational areas are cleaned of large quantities of plastic waste.

Station Locations

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