Dubai Asia Cup 2022: A Huge Crowd Of Fans Came To Watch The India-Pak Match

Dubai Asia Cup: Despite The Scorching Sun, A Huge Crowd Of Fans Came To Watch The India-Pak Match
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Dubai: Tens, if not thousands, of cricket fans flocked to the stadium to see the India-Pakistan match in the Asia Cup. The international cricket stadium in Dubai Sports City (UAE), where Pakistanis and Indians are most popular, saw a large crowd. The line of cars stretched for miles. Many people walked to the stadium. Many people who arrived in cars stayed on the roads for several hours.

The stadium’s gates were opened at 3:00 pm. But the fans were still present with flags from India and Pakistan throughout the day. Despite the heat, the fans waited outside for the gate to open with enthusiasm, despite the heat. The crowd continued to come to the gallery even after the match began. People from all over the UAE came to see the match yesterday as it was a weekend holiday.

India – Pakistan fans Crowded

Dubai’s gallery buzz was intended to highlight that the best galleries of the India-Pakistan rivalry still exist in the UAE. The crowd support for a match in India or Pakistan is usually one-sided. In Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Sharjah, the audience is equal for both Indian and Pakistani spectators. India has a slight advantage. This routine has never been lost.

In the meantime, many Sri Lankan and Afghan fans turned out in large numbers to witness the opening match of yesterday’s tournament. The crowd erupted into a joyful dance after Afghanistan won their first match.

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