Duabi Gold Rate Today – 16 February 2023

On 16th February 2023, the gold rate of 24K per gram is AED 222.75, while the rate of 22K per gram is AED 206.25. The rate of 21K per gram stands at AED 199.50, while the rate of 18K per gram is AED 171.00.


24K – AED 222.75

22K – AED 206.25

21K – AED 199.50

18K – AED 171.00

These rates indicate the region’s high demand for gold as people seek to gold investments as a way to safeguard their money. Geopolitical concerns in the Middle East and a weak US dollar are also blamed for the increase in gold prices. Investors need to protect their financial interests from any potential hazards, this has led to an increase in the demand for gold in Dubai.

Investors have an excellent opportunity to purchase gold at the current price and benefit from its rising price. Since that gold prices are anticipated to stay high shortly, long-term investors stand to gain from the rising rates.

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