Driving an e-scooter without a helmet can lead to trapping

Driving an e-scooter without a helmet can lead to trapping
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Abu Dhabi police are cracking down on escooter riders who don’t wear helmets. In response to the growing number of accidents involving escooter riders, the law was tightened.

One of the leading causes of serious injuries and accidents is a lack of safety equipment, such as gloves, gloves, and knee pads. Because of its simplicity of use, low cost, and environmental friendliness, the e-scooter quickly became a popular form of transportation. People use scooters, ebikes, and bicycles to get short distances. Traveling with more than one can prove dangerous.

Doctors say that around 80% of escooter riders get hurt when their hump hits the road. It is important to practice on e-scooters before you go out on the streets. This will help improve speed control and skill. Abu Dhabi police are urging people to be more vigilant and take safety precautions.

Pay attention

Wear a helmet, knee pads or knee pads, and reflector clothing.

maatrN You can only get on the road with an electric scooter after receiving proper training.

Don’t block pedestrians and other vehicles.

You should not use e-scooters in prohibited areas.

An e-scooter can only be used by one person.

Limit speed to 20km per hour

Don’t block the sidewalk or street.

You should not attach the e-scooter or any other device to any structure as it could interfere with urban aesthetics and travel.

At intersections and crossings of zebras, pedestrians should have priority.

You must not park any other vehicles on the parking lot.

Don’t travel in the other direction.

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