Drenched Gulf; Waterlogging in the Emirates, heavy rain and wind in Oman and Saudi Arabia

Drenched Gulf; Waterlogging in the Emirates, heavy rain and wind in Oman and Saudi Arabia
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DUBAI – In summer, heavy rains from various emirates inundated low-lying regions in the UAE. Large water bodies formed in Khorfaqan and Fujairah Wadi Saham, as well as on roads. Some houses were also affected by flooding.

Traffic was affected by roads that were submerged in Khorfakan. In some areas, vehicles small than 5 x 6 m were submerged in the flooded parking lot. Heavy rain was also recorded in Dubai Jabal Ali and Sharjah Deid, as well as Umm Al Khwain Fallsaj Al Mualla. Evening rains continue in some areas.

Since Tuesday, heavy rains have fallen on Fujairah as well Ras Al Khaimah. It is usually overcast throughout the country. According to the National Meteorological Center, there’s a chance of rain and wind today. On Tuesday, rain fell in Sharjah as well as Ras Al Khaimah (and Al Ain) regions. Rain that began yesterday morning is now getting stronger. The valleys are now flooded due to an increase in water flow from mountains.

Plaintiffs can waive

Authorities advised motorists to be careful and avoid the plaintiffs, as visibility could be reduced.

The center for covid testing has been closed

Yesterday’s unsettled weather forced the closure of Fujairah’s drive-thru Covid testing center. Police stated that the temporary measures were taken because of heavy rains and winds that had impacted the operation at the center.

Increased Rainfall and cloud seeding

Officials claimed that heavy rain was caused by cloud seeding. This trend will continue for the next few days. This will guarantee maximum rainfall. Cloud seeding can increase the amount of rain received from normal rain clouds to between 40 and 50%. In the past, water reservoirs were built in different areas when there was more rain.

Major dams have also seen an increase in water levels. UAE has developed technology that can detect rain clouds and perform cloud seeding. It also has the ability to increase the amount of precipitation by changing the chemical composition of clouds. There are more than 100 meteorological stations in the country, as well as advanced radar networks, cloud seeding drones, drones, and chemical factories.

Floods in Saudi valleys

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia: Heavy rains in Asir have caused water to rise in streams and valleys. Rain also fell on the city of Abaha, as well as the governorates Al-Majarda and Tanuma, Rijal Alma and Al-Namas. The General Directorate of Civil Defense asked for caution in areas such as Makkah Al-Muqaramah, Jizan Al-Baha, Najran, Jizan and Jizan due to thunderstorms, heavy rains, and strong winds.Royal Oman Police officers are stationed in the Wadi region of Oman, where strong winds and heavy rains continue. Surveillance was increased across the country as more people tried to cross floodwaters.

Oman will have rain and wind today

Muscat After heavy rains in Oman the plaintiffs from various locations have come to their aid. It’s cloudy. Strong winds can cause rough seas. According to the National Meteorological Center, there is a possibility of rain today.

Today and tomorrow will bring heavy rains and strong winds to Musandam Governorate and Dhofar Governorates. Motorists and residents of low-lying regions were advised to be careful. From Monday to yesterday, Khasab Province received 128mm of rain.

Liwa measured 76mm, Barka 65, and Jabal Al Akhdar was 59. To deal with emergencies, the Royal Oman Police and Civil Defense were deployed to various locations. Low pressure causes heavy rains in the northern governorates. Police advised against crossing the wadi. https://m.facebook.com/newsgulfapp/

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