‘Dr. Robot’; Complicated surgery has become simpler

'Dr. Robot'; Complicated surgery has become simpler
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Dubai Hospital was proud to present the smart achievement of Dubai Robot Doctor, who performed simple surgery. An 22-year-old man is now in recovery after undergoing surgery for urinary leakage. Problems were made worse by an enlargement in the kidneys. Robotic surgeon Dr. After Yasser Ahmed Al-Sayedi, a medical team, led by Yasser Ahmad al-Sayedi, a robot named Da Vinci XI was used to complete the operation in just 2 hours.

Dubai Hospital CEO Maryam al-Raisi stated that robot technology will be used in various medical fields. Said Maryam al-Raisi. Robots can also be used to treat bone and heart diseases. The newgen robots make it easier to perform hip and knee surgeries.

Dr. Robot Complicated surgery has become simpler 'Dr. Robot'; Complicated surgery has become simpler

Faster, no error

Robotic surgery can help reduce the need for additional doctors and provide better care for patients after the procedure. Robotic surgery reduces the size of the wound. Robots are able to follow doctors’ instructions precisely.

Robots can handle everything, from safety and health to adult care and reminders. Robots can make afraid children laugh or change their focus by injecting them with drugs. Robots can also be used to investigate child abuse. Because children are reluctant about telling their parents or police what robots they have found, this is because children don’t want to reveal to them. Robots can also be found in restaurants, pharmacies, and metro stations.

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