Doha: In the legacy of the old

Doha: In the legacy of the old
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Doha: In addition to state-of-the-art jewelery collections, the Doha Jewelery and Watches Exhibition, which concluded yesterday, featured a number of Qatar’s traditional jewelery pavilions. Visitors can see and learn about Qatar’s traditional designs of jewelery through the pavilion of Al Jamal Jewelery, a local company. Jewelry in rare designs that are centuries old, reflecting the heritage, heritage and customs of the country, is quite a royal pride.

Highlighting the beauty and richness of antiquity and heritage, the various designs of jewelery made of 21 carat gold and encrusted with gemstones are available in a variety of traditional style, including wedding jewelery, bangles, necklaces, earrings, rings, belts and headdresses. The Murtha Hash jewelery worn for the wedding is made of one kilogram of gold. The thasa worn on the head is about 750 grams of gold. The belt (hism) worn around the waist also weighs about a foot.

Traditional ornaments such as Kursi Tamim, Kursi Jabir, Mara, Mertasha and Suara (ring) were in high demand then and now. The specialty of Al Jamal Jewelery is that all jewelery in traditional designs of Qatar is available. 

Doha In the legacy of the old Doha: In the legacy of the old

Rare jewelry collections for Education Above All

Doha: Local and international jewelery owners and designers in support of Qatar Education Above All (EAA), which provides education to needy children globally. Specially designed ornaments were displayed in the pavilions for this purpose. Proceeds from the sale of these are used to support the activities of the EAA.

The famous French brand Chopard’s pavilion contained 4 Happy Diamond watches, 3 bracelets and a pair of earrings in a jewelry collection prepared in support of the EAA. Apart from this, there are also jewelery made by local designers Mariam Al Khalaf and Nouf Al Meer reflecting the heritage of Qatar.

Jewelry made exclusively for the EA at the pavilions of indigenous designers include a white gold necklace with 26,500 riyals worth of rubies and diamonds, a 15,000 riyal yellow sapphire and white diamonds, and 18 carat gold earrings in the shape of an Arabian horse.

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