District 2020 is still active after the Expo: 85 startups by the end of the year

after dubai expo 2020
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In the District 2020 region, which will become a smart city after the Dubai Expo, 85 startups and small enterprises from 27 countries, including India, will be launched in the last quarter of this year. The second batch will arrive in April next year. The entrepreneurs were selected by a panel of experts from a shortlist of 628 applicants as part of the ‘Scale 2 Dubai’ project.

The plan is to select specific entrepreneurs each year. It has received 3,200 applications from 129 countries. Other benefits include expert guidance and access to international markets without intermediaries.

Initiatives related to green energy, smart cities and smart mobility will be considered in the first phase. There will also be educational institutions and labs.

expo 2020 al wasl dome
The Al Wasl Dome – Dubai Expo 2020.

Robotics, artificial intelligence technologies and systems that can deal with cyber challenges were widely received at the expo. The 4.38 sq km area will also become a smart hub for airports, ports and cargo storage.

Some pavilions, including in India, will retain major buildings such as the Al Wasl Plaza, the Children’s Science Center and the Dubai Exhibition Center after the Expo. It will be the venue for government level discussions, conferences and exhibitions.

Smart India to the possibilities

Dubai has partnered with 9 startups from around the world, including India, to shape future smart projects. Major collaborations with Dubai Police, RTA and telecom company Etisalat.

Many startups introduced by the Expo India Pavilion have received great acclaim. One of these is the AC Helmet Initiative, which warms the heads of workers working in hot climates. Introduced by ‘Jarsh Safety’, the helmet also has a heater system that can keep you warm in cold weather.

expo india pavilion
inside expo india pavilion.

Startups in the areas of artificial intelligence, communications, transportation, customer service, and digitization also gained attention. Startups will also benefit from a tax-free profit of up to AED 3,75,000 (approximately Rs 75 lakh) to help small businesses in the UAE. The tax on the profits of large enterprises is 9 per cent.

Help At Every Step

Assistance to entrepreneurs is at 3 levels. During the incubator phase, information is available on various ventures, how to start, and possibilities. You can join it directly or online. Portals like startupzone.ae can be used.

At the Accelerator stage, you can participate in 2- to 6-month programs where you can learn more about the project of interest. Assist with company start-up procedures during the business startup phase. Infrastructure development and facilities for regional and international transactions will be ensured. All assistance, including obtaining a visa, will be available promptly.

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