Digital Hub; To Find Equal Pay Jobs In UAE

Digital Hub; To Find Equal Pay Jobs In UAE
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The Mena region has a digital hub that connects people with determination (PoDs) to potential employers. They are inviting companies and candidates to register with them in order to prepare PoDs for a successful career.

Job seekers can use the hub to improve their resumes and make them application-ready. The hub also hosts support groups called “Learn and lead” that offer guidance and networking opportunities to job seekers.

To gain different positions in various sectors, candidates can either enroll in self-paced training or tailor made mentorship. Many employers are now hiring via hybrid models after the pandemic. ImInclusive’s incubation at Abu Dhabi’s Ma’an Incubator in 2019 has seen it achieve groundbreaking milestones in the UAE’s quest for inclusive employment.

First App For Digital Hub

The tech-centered social enterprise team launched the first app for inclusion and employment people of determination in 2021. It has trained some of the largest companies in the region to offer PoDs equal-paying, progressive jobs.

ImInclusive was awarded the 1st Prize at the 2022 C3 I.D.E.A Accelerator Powered by Accenture. The programme supports startups in the area of diversity, equity and inclusion. It is supported by some of the most prominent companies in the region.

Hafsa Qadeer is the founder and CEO of ImInclusive. She says that ImInclusive provides both candidates and employers with learning, development and capacity building. We have a tunnel vision focus on providing inclusive jobs and opportunities for as many people with disabilities as possible. This year, we are working towards reaching our goal of 100 people being hired through ImInclusive.

She said, “It was a journey of sheer resistance, persistence and determination to bring ImInclusive’s vision to life.” My brother and I in Abu Dhabi started a journey that has impacted the hearts of thousands. ImInclusive will keep pushing through any obstacles: we are proof that there is always a way. We have people who are determined, which is why our solution works.

ImInclusive has also added Comply POD to its product line in MENA. This is a revolutionary, world-first-of-its kind, accessibility technology that empowers employers to create more inclusive workplaces. Proptech can be used to provide accessibility in all kinds of buildings and spaces.

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